Audio-Visual Electronics Repair Services

Our repair services include all types of electronic equipment of all makes and models. We specialise in component level repair and servicing and also supply spares and accessories.

Televisions and Computer Monitors

Repairs for all types and makes of television from CRT to LCD and plasma. Every television and monitor that passes through our workshop is set for optimum picture quality.

Satellite and Freeview Receivers

Analogue and digital satellite receiver and terrestrial receiver repairs, upgrades and installation. We are available to help with your setup and installation problems.

CD Players, HDD and DVD Recorders

Compact disc and DVD player/recorder servicing from general cleaning to optical laser replacement.

Video Recorders

Every VCR serviced or repaired by us is cleaned before being returned to ensure high quality recording and playback.

Gaming Systems

We repair all makes of game console including the PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. From mechanical gearing faults to optical laser replacement, overheating, and the Xbox Red Ring of Death (RROD) and PlayStation Yellow Light of Death (YLOD).

Camcorders and Video Cameras

Camcorder servicing, cleaning, repairs and video transfer from otherwise unsupported formats. We repair all formats including VHS, 8mm, and MiniDV etc. We transfer from and to any format including to cine, DVD, CD, and to VHS.

Microwave Ovens

As certified microwave oven repairers, we repair consumer and commercial units. Each oven repaired or serviced is checked for microwave leakage to EC standards.

Under no circumstances should repairs be attempted in the home due to high risk of electrocution even when unplugged.

GHD Hair Accessories

We are service agents for all GHD hair products such as GHD hair dryers and hair straighteners. Most parts are stocked to ensure your product is returned to you in good time.

Computer Servicing and Upgrades

Custom built new systems designed to your specifications and budget using only high quality branded components, computer upgrades for your existing system. Spares, maintenance and upgrades for all types of computers and laptops plus all associated accessories, including printing and scanning equipment, for both business and commercial units.

A previously fast PC running slow is a sure sign of virus or malware infection and we offer fixed price malware and virus removal and recovery.

Office and Business Services

We offer a local business service for computer system repairs and maintenance keeping your systems and your business running problem free. Regular system maintenance helps avoid crucial data loss and resolving PC errors may save you hours in lost time and expense. The benefits of keeping your computer systems well maintained far outweigh the problems that may occur if not maintained.

Most repairs can be carried out at your business premises.

Household Goods

Vacuum cleaner and general household item servicing specialising in Dyson and most other manufacturers.

We supply accessories from replacement filters and hoses to replacement seals. We service all types of equipment from power tools to audio equipment both home and portable.